Mammoth Russion sunflowerUrban Micro Garden celebrates the art of plants in small spaces. 

“You’re not running the show. If anything, plants are running the show.” —Dennis McKenna

With most of the world’s population living in urban environments, our planet cannot support us all going “back to nature.” There’s not enough nature to go “back to.” For our health, happiness and overall well-being, we need to bring the chosen plants and animals into our personal space. We need to understand plants and animals and celebrate their beauty. We are the gardeners of a living planet.

This site uses words, multimedia (photos, video, sound, song), and other information sharing to celebrate and teach how to care for plants to the city.

Focus: Urban Micro Garden focuses on the technology, chemistry, art, landscaping, words, and economics of growing plants at home in the city. As the site evolves, look for product reviews, landscaping tips, useful articles, and photos from urban micro gardens around the world.

Collaborate with us: We are looking for a few good hands to get in the dirt. Email us at headgardener at urbanmicr0garden d0t 0rg (please write, don’t copy and paste, the address). Please read below for details on what to share with us.

  • Writers/Creators:  Share your tips, plants, photos, and ideas. Create a profile on Urban Micro Garden. Share your ideas with the world. We don’t pay anything (not yet anyway), but we do want to share your work with our growing readership. Please let us know what you’re interested in writing about, or include a piece you want to submit. We reserve the right to edit for content, length, clarity, or style (with your approval) and publish the work using the creative commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.
  • Techies: Share your website expertise. Although we love WordPress, perhaps there are other platforms/designs that are more suitable to this publishing environment.
  • Send us Books/Products to Review: Would you like one of our writers to review your book or product? Please get in touch with us so we can put you in touch with the right writer.
  • Advertise with us: We are using Komoona to manage customized ads. Just click on the “Advertise with us” banner on the right hand column to upload an ad.
Again, contact us at headgardener at urbanmicr0garden d0t 0rg (please write, don’t copy and paste, the address).

creating a footpath over the gutter

Like a garden that evolves with tender care, so does this site continue to grow and manifest. We are still in the process of creating a working model, so we hope you’ll forgive our iterative messiness and maybe even help us as we try to create something fun, helpful, and hope-inspiring for the people of our crisis-shaken planet. Let’s grow an urban micro gardens everywhere on the planet. Let a billion balcony gardens bloom!

In solidarity with plants and the people who love and care for them,

~The Caretakers at Urban Micro Garden

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