About Farmer Jack

I garden for beauty and because it tastes better.

Urban Windowsill Garden in London

Since moving to London a year ago, my “gardening” has been confined to the windowsill or occasionally a side table. The plants are suffering from radiator burn, overwatered but dry.

This is the morning scene. Farmer Ffin (on my computer above) is living in China with his grandparents. We hope he can immigrate to the UK later this year.  The windowsill gardenia buds and browns. The Rosemary hangs on. The plant on the left that I rescued from the hallway (not sure its genus and species…any help?) is bursting from its pail. 

The poinsettia distracts from the dirty windows.

Our plan is to soon move into a new flat with a patch of soil. : )

Stay tuned!

Auspicious turtle appears in our garden on Chinese new year & we release it in a local temple

Our Urban Micro Guard-dog, Beaffin, discovered this Malayan snail eating turtle (Malayemys macrocephalaon Chinese New Year day.

See the amazing video Farmer Lu took just minutes after I called him out to the garden.

We interpreted the turtle’s presence as an auspicious omen for the coming year.

Given the number of snails in our Urban Micro Garden, we though seriously about closing off a section of the yard to keep the little reptile as a pet.

Since the turtle had been hibernating, we put it in a little box under a lamp in the living room to spend Chinese New Year in peace.

Then we decided to release it in the wild at nearby Wat Umong, the forest temple just a few minutes’ walk from our home. Given that the weather was already starting to warm and the frogs had started to sing, we decided that the turtle would probably be happier in a wetland, rather than in Beaffin’s heavily-patrolled domain.

Here’s the video by Farmer Lu of me (Farmer Jack) releasing the turtle in the turtle and fish pond at Wat Umong.

We named her (we think it was a she) “xiao ma gui“, which means “little (year of the) horse turtle” in mandarin Chinese. 


Because everyone loves a puppy doing yoga

Yes, this is a shameless ploy to get traffic through exploitation of my cute puppy, but I’m sure if Beaffin could understand computers he would be happy being a blog star. He is quite cute in the Bhujangasana position, don’t you think?beaffin in Bhujangasana position

His “warrior pose” recently made it on the “cutest puppy” blog here.