Because everyone loves a puppy doing yoga

Yes, this is a shameless ploy to get traffic through exploitation of my cute puppy, but I’m sure if Beaffin could understand computers he would be happy being a blog star. He is quite cute in the¬†Bhujangasana position, don’t you think?beaffin in Bhujangasana position

His “warrior pose” recently made it on the “cutest puppy” blog¬†here.

Acanthus ilicifolius (ACANTHACEAE) leaf that looks just like…

…Beaffin. How this happened, we haven’t the foggiest.

Acanthus ilicifolius leaf that looks just like Beaffin

But there he was, the Beaffin-shaped leaf, nestled amongst the orange peels in his natural habitat.

Acanthus ilicifolius (ACANTHACEAE)

Beautiful creature, why did you ask me to drink you?