Happy Holidays from our garden!

Christmas 2011 in the urban micro garden

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We took this shot on our front porch on Christmas Day in Chiang Mai with a bit of our www.urbanmicrogarden.org in the background. Beaffin held surprisingly still and we just propped the Thai language sign against his chest as he stared off toward the front gate. Lu Wei’s and my signs both say “love makes a family” and Beaffin’s sign says “I love my family,” which was the Thai grammatical structure I felt most comfortable writing.

Triple purple Datura flower–wow!

Look at this beauty! I snapped these photos in the morning with some cloud cover just after a watering.

This purple datura (Datura metel I suspect) usually puts out double blooms, but that morning there was a triple-layered flower.

triple datura closeup

detail of purple datura flower -- double or triple beauty

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