Acanthus ilicifolius (ACANTHACEAE) leaf that looks just like…

…Beaffin. How this happened, we haven’t the foggiest.

Acanthus ilicifolius leaf that looks just like Beaffin

But there he was, the Beaffin-shaped leaf, nestled amongst the orange peels in his natural habitat.

Acanthus ilicifolius (ACANTHACEAE)

Beautiful creature, why did you ask me to drink you?

The Urban *Macro* Garden: Beirut’s “Wonder Forest” Concept

Beirut Wonder Forest concept art

This story from inhabitat caught our eye. Imagine an urban micro garden blanketing a whole city, especially a polluted and congested city like Beirut. Everybody would have a part to play in this kind of “urban macro garden” and that would require changing hearts and minds. But how hard is it to convince someone to breath cleaner air? The harder challenge is probably getting people to water plants instead of watching TV.


Observing the wild Beaffin in its natural habitat

Location: Chiang Mai

The spirit of David Attenborough visited our urban micro garden and our cameraman caught this stunning footage of the dangerous wild Beaffin. This was the cameraman’s first, and last, encounter with the beast. We are lucky to have this rare footage…. watch…

Garden Day

Location: Chiang Mai

Thanks for visiting the site. It’s definitely a “play in progress.”

I got up early and was drawn to making modifications of the site. We think we’ve found the general WordPress theme we were looking for.

We’re going to make a big breakfast and head out for a day of dry season garden clean-up to compost the rainy season growth and make sure the landlord is not overwhelmed when she sees how the garden has changed since she came eight months ago.

Lots of love,

~Farmer Jack

Hi from Farmer Ffin

Me name Ffin. Mmm… Me home garden. Me likes garden. Me show you my’s arts, ok?

Beaffin king of the dirt mound with dirt on his Shi Tzu mouth

King of the mountain

Me was little boy and me always play garden.

Beaffin's warrior pose

Indiana Ffin

Me play and play and and eats stuffs and plays.

Ffin looking back from digging a hole

digging a hole

Me was small before. Me helpsed dig stuffs. Then me was tireds.

Beaffin contemplative

dirt mound

And, um…what else? Me thinks…. Me plays. Me bites junks.

Ffin & banana tree

tasting banana tree

Me bites big trees.

Ffin in the yard--tempted to taste the coleus

tempted to taste the coleus

And me makes arts.

Beaffin's art

Untitled II, (C) 2011 Beaffin CLW

When me gets tireds, me sleeps. Me grows to big boy now.

Beaffin on the couch

Ffin asleep on couch--9 months old

Welcome at my’s garden!

farmer ffin

Farmer Ffin


~Farmer Ffin