Mycology is the art of growing fungi.

Here, learn a bit more about how you can work with these ancient ancestors, the oldest land organisms on earth.

Inspirational Mushroom Links:

1) One of our favorite mushroom fanatics is Paul Stamets.

Watch this video of his TED talk on six mushrooms that can save the world:

2) Dr. Andrew Weil: (Links to: Are Mushrooms Good for Health?

3) Urban Mushrooms: Life is a Mushroom Hunt


Grow Your Own Fungi!

To get started growing your own mushrooms, here’s a basic mushroom-growing setup for growing edible fungi in small small spaces, even in closets.

This setup pictured just happens to also be made from all found objects.

mushroom sanctuary

Here's what the finished setup looks like. The simple setup requires only: an aquarium, plastic bag, clothes pins, a spray bottle, and a sheet of glass or plexiglass.

mushroom enclosure

The bags of cultured mushrooms can be purchased from Fungi Perfecti (Paul Stamets's site above) or make your own. Peel back the bag two or more times per day and spray water on the plexiglass with the spray bottle. This prevents water from landing on the delicate mushroom mycelia directly.


fruiting bodies

Here's a picture of some fruiting bodies. I bought these bags of edible mushrooms in Chiang Mai, Thailand at the Royal Project Fair.


one cake that went bad

One cake went bad and I took it out. You can tell because of the non-white color that the mushroom we want was colonized by a different fungus.



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