Vermiculture is the art of making rich compost from kitchen scraps (or other waste) using earthworms.

One of the best worm compost bin systems we have come across is the very easy-to-use  system here.

All you need are three stackable, sealable storage bins; a drill; newspaper; and worms.

beijing worm compost bin prep

what you'll need to get started

liz with drill

use power tools! (safely)

worm bin crew smiling

Make worm bins with your friends!

peace composting

Make fun designs

beijing worm compost bin prep

the finished bins fit on a balcony

our worm farm

show off your worm bins!

How to Make a Worm Bin

pass along the how-to knowledge

worm bin feeding time

compost your kitchen scraps


peering into the worm bin

Invite famous anthropologists to inspect your bins (hi, Dr. Jane Goodall!)


Have fun out there and don’t forget to share your experiences with others!

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