Look who greeted me in the garden this morning

This fellow was sunning himself strung along the kale pots. This guy was close to a meter long and very curious about me. golden tree snake on kale pots altert to my presence

If I have correctly identified this snake, as a golden tree snake (Chrysopelea ornata) then he’s probably long gone by now, or in the attic. These reptiles can climb very fast, race along flat surfaces, and even fly. Mostly they’re content to eat small rodents and frogs and probably want nothing to do with small dogs.

I spent the rest of the day indoors or planting seedlings, which did not require leaving the back porch. I felt safer from the snakes there until, as I was cleaning out my “junk pile,” I discovered a 20 cm snake skin, probably from the Laotian Wolf Snake I see slinking ¬†sometimes at dusk.

I’m writing about snakes so much to try to lose my fear of them, but not my respect. Being in a subtropical garden, even in the city, requires mindfulness.